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Meet the Team

Rebecca BoehlingBrigid StarkeyFelipe Filomeno
Tania Lizarazo | Rita Turner

Bio Pic - Boehling

Photo by Annette Hornischer, courtesy of the American Academy in Berlin

Rebecca Boehling, Ph.D.

Rebecca Boehling began teaching modern European history, Jewish Studies and women’s history at UMBC in 1989, She is the author of A Question of Priorities: Democratic Reform and Economic Recovery in Postwar Germany (Berghahn Books: Providence and Oxford, 1996) and together with Uta Larkey, Life and Loss in the Shadow of the Holocaust: A Jewish Family’s Untold Story (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2011) as well as the co-editor of three volumes on victims of the Nazis and Displaced Persons. She has published numerous articles on both gender and politics in occupied Germany.

After serving as the founding director of UMBC’s Dresher Center for the Humanities from 2007 until 2012 she was recruited to lead the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Germany. She transformed the ITS from a traditional tracing service to investigate the fates of victims of the Nazis for victims’ families to a full scale archive and research center with over 30 million documents. Dr. Boehling returned to UMBC in early 2016 to work on a sabbatical project comparing the theory and practice of denazification in the three western zones of post-WWII Germany. In the fall 2016, as a Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin, she analyzed denazification as a form of transitional justice, the subject of her next book.

Bio Pic - StarkeyBrigid Starkey, Ph.D.

Dr. Starkey is a Senior Lecturer of Political Science at UMBC and the Associate Director of the Global Studies program. She teaches in the areas of foreign policy, international negotiation, the Middle East, and teaching and learning strategies in the college classroom.

She has published articles in such journals as Simulation and GamingThe Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, and International Studies Notes. Dr. Starkey is the co-author with Mark Boyer and Jonathan Wilkenfeld of International Negotiation in a Complex World (4th Edition, forthcoming, 2014).



Bio Pic - FilomenoFelipe Filomeno, Ph.D.

Dr. Filomeno is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at UMBC. His research in international and comparative political economy focuses on development issues affecting Latin America. His current research project is about the role of local governments in the governance of international migration, including studies of cities in the United States and in Latin America. Dr. Filomeno’s publications have appeared in several journals, including the Urban Affairs ReviewComparative Politics and the Journal of Politics in Latin America. His last book – Monsanto and Intellectual Property in South America – was published in 2014 by Palgrave Macmillan.



Bio Pic - LizarazoTania Lizarazo, Ph.D.

Dr. Lizarazo received her Ph.D. in Latin American Literature and Cultures, with emphases in Feminist Theory & Research and Studies in Performance & Practice from the University of California, Davis in 2015. Her research interests include digital storytelling, Latin American cultural studies, transnational feminisms and memory studies.

Her recent digital storytelling projects are a collaboration with the Gender Committee of a farmers’ organization from the Colombian Pacific: and a collaboration with members of farm working communities in California’sCentral



Bio Pic - TurnerRita Turner, Ph.D.

Dr. Turner teaches in the departments of American Studies; Media and Communication Studies; and Language, Literacy, and Culture. Her teaching areas include global sustainability, food justice, ecofeminism, EcoJustice education, and environmental discourse. She is the author of Teaching for EcoJustice: Curriculum and Lessons for Secondary and College Classrooms (Routledge 2015).