Pre-Fall 2018 Curriculum and Tracks

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Curriculum and Tracks

NOTE: This curriculum is for Global Studies students who declared their major PRIOR TO Fall 2018.

Global Studies students choose one of three tracks:  Culture, Place, and Identity; Development, Health, and the Environment; or International Affairs. It is not necessary to choose your track immediately upon majoring in Global Studies, but you should look over each of the track options and try to get a sense of which one appeals to you most.  Majors are encouraged to pick their optional core courses at least partly on the basis of what they think their eventual track choice will be. If you have questions about course selection, please contact the Global Studies Academic Advisor, Ms. Castle  (

Majors are required to take the following courses:

Core Courses
  • GLBL 101 Introduction to Global Studies
  • GLBL 301 Approaches to Globalization (**Please note this course has been renumbered GLBL 400 and is listed in student degree audits as GLBL 301/400; this is NOT the same class as GLBL 300: Research Methods in Global Studies)
Gateway Courses

Students take four of the following “gateway” courses.  These four courses should be chosen on the basis of the student’s likely choice of track.

  • AFST 211 Introduction to Contemporary Africa
  • ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology
  • ASIA 100 Introduction to Asian Studies
  • ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • GES 102 Human Geography
  • GES 120 Introduction to Environmental Science and Conservation
  • GWST 340 Global Perspectives on Gender and Women**
  • HIST 200 Themes in World History
  • MLL 280 Introduction to the Spanish-Speaking World
  • MLL 305 Introduction to Intercultural Communication**
  • POLI 260 Comparative Politics
  • POLI 280/281 International Relations

** GWST 340 and MLL 305 can be taken either as gateway courses or as track-approved electives. They cannot be used to satisfy both requirements.


Students choose their electives from the Course Index.  Students may also choose to earn three of their upper-level credits in a structured, track-related, semester-long internship or faculty-supervised independent study.  Some 125 electives are available to GLBL majors.

***Please note:  Because the Global Studies curriculum draws from 11 departments and programs, it is impossible to note all the prerequisites in the Course Index.  It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of any prerequisites that may be required before taking particular upper-level courses.  For example, upper-level courses in the Department of Economics typically require one or more prerequisites.***

Writing Intensive Courses

Students are required to take and pass with at least a “C” two writing-intensive (WI) courses.  One of the required Global Studies courses – GLBL 301 Approaches to Globalization – is designated as writing-intensive.  By the time they graduate from UMBC, our majors will have demonstrated that they can think critically, analyze questions with no easy answers, and write effectively and persuasively. For a complete list of writing-intensive course offered at UMBC, click here.

Language Requirement

Students are required to acquire a significant second-language capability, defined as courses or proficiency through the intermediate level (e.g. 300 level coursework) in a language other than English.  If UMBC does not offer courses through the intermediate level in a student’s chosen language, the student may meet the requirement through another institution.  Please see Ms. Castle  for additional information about the GLBL language requirement.