Culture, Place, and Identity

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Culture, Place, and Identity


NOTE: This track information pertains to Global Studies students who declared their major PRIOR TO Fall 2018.

Please read the ‘Curriculum and Tracks’  section before reading this track description.

Culture, Place, and Identity compares processes of globalization in different times and locations, with an emphasis on power, culture, place, and identity.  Courses in this track consider changes wrought by global flows of ideas, people, and commodities.  Those flows have reshaped cultural geographies, regions, borders, contact zones, and accents in complex and sometimes contradictory ways.  Course offerings pay particular attention to national and transnational identities, indigenous and diasporic cultures, and colonialism and postcolonialism. While our inquiries are often focused on a specific topic, region, or identity group, coursework consistently situates the local in its global context.

This necessarily interdisciplinary track fosters development of the intellectual flexibility needed to study the dynamic and ambiguous objects, identities, and practices that comprise globalization. Students in this track must complete GLBL 101 Introduction to Global Studies, GLBL 301 Approaches to Globalization, and four gateway courses. The gateway courses are listed in the Curriculum and Tracks section. It is recommended that students pursuing this track take the following gateway courses:

  • ANTH 211 – Cultural Anthropology
  • GWST 340 – Women, Gender, and Globalization
  • MLL 305 – Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • POLI 260 – Comparative Politics

To complete the Culture, Place, and Identity track, students must select six electives with one from each of the following groups. Five of the six courses must be at the 300-400 level. Course descriptions are available in the Course Index.


AFST 439
AMST 352
AMST 420
HIST 340
HIST 382
HIST 406
MLLI 255
ANTH 367
GWST 342
GWST 366
SOCY 333
SOCY 433
AMST 200
AMST 464
ANTH 382
GWST 320
MCS 334
MCS 390
POLI 337
POLI 360
POLI 470
POLI 471
GES 330
GES 436
GLBL 409
HAPP 380
SOCY 235
AFST 213
ANTH 326
GWST 343
MLLI 306
POLI 373
POLI 386
SPAN 308