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Experiential Learning

Your college experience should not be confined to campus. Through the Global Studies program at UMBC, you have the opportunity to step outside the boundaries of the classroom and experience the real world through internship and service-learning opportunities. This will be an essential component of your development of global competence.

Benefits of Participating in Experiential Learning

  • Gain experience in your major that will make you stand out from your peers
  • Experience the ramifications of globalization first-hand
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Obtain upper level academic credit or specialized transcript notations
  • Develop a professional network
  • Reflect on your professional strengths and your future career
  • Potentially earn money for internships, co-ops, or research
  • Enhance your social consciousness, civic literacy and global awareness

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To obtain assistance with your internship search, including resume preparation, please stop by the Career Center on the 2nd Floor of the Math/Psychology Building (in orange on the map below). If you are interested in service-learning, connect with the Shriver Center on the 1st Floor of the Public Policy Building (in red on the map below). If you have already completed 30 hours of college credits and need more immediate input on this component, please contact Dr. Brigid Starkey for further information.

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