Global Studies Presenters at URCAD!

Congratulations to all our GLBL Undergraduate Researchers!!

Lois Akomeah | Political Corruption And Poverty In Ghana Christopher Brown | Global Studies

Caleb Jacobson | A Brief History And Review Of Argentina, El Salvador, And Guatemala Efforts In Human Rights Jeffrey Davis | Political Science

Ivy Nguyen | Women’s Rights In Confucian Countries: A Challenge On The Contemporary Social Development | Christopher Brown | Global Studies

Dominique Ross | Public Health In Northern Brazil's Refugee Borderlands | Felipe Filomeno | Political Science

Alexis Stone | Economic Globalization And Mass Incarceration In the US Tania Lizarazo | Global Studies

Cira Roxana | "Latino Students Enrolled At Howard Community College With Very Low Participation In The Programs Offered "Christopher Brown | Global Studies

Kateryna Yakusheva | The Role Of Leadership And National Factors In Building An Effective COVID-19 Response Brigid Starkey | Global Studies

Posted: April 7, 2021, 11:01 AM