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Brian and Larry Have Decided to Apply for a URA Award

Provides Up to $1500 to Support Their Research

May 5, 2020 10:09 AM

**Meet Brian and Larry. They have decided to apply for a URA Award.

"There are three different awards this year," noted Brian, who was interviewed while blow drying his luxurious hair. "You've got the usual award, open to all majors and worth up to $1,500 and then you've got the Social Science award and the entrepreneurship award. Pretty amazing opportunity. And the deadline isn't until May 15th, so we've got plenty of time!"

"Really does help us with our research," added Larry, who was interviewed while combing his mustache. "And you can even apply as a group!"

URA’s provide up to $1,500 to undergraduate students to support their research or creative work with a UMBC faculty mentor on an original project. UMBC students of all years and disciplines are invited to apply, as long as they will remain enrolled at UMBC long enough to complete the proposed work.**

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