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Pass Grading Request Form and Departmental Decisions Posted

May 14, 2020 1:23 PM

 FAQ Page For the enrollment policies for Spring 2020

NOTE to GLBL Majors taking courses towards other majors/minors/certificates: The Global Studies program will allow Spring 2020 grades of P to apply to courses for the GLBL major; decisions regarding the applicability of Pass (P) grades for purposes of any other major, minor and certificate requirements as well as for pre-requisite requirements have been made at the discretion of the academic departments. If you are taking a course towards a second major, to count towards both majors, or for another minor or certificate program, please review the departmental decisions here:

  • College of Engineering and Information Technology
  • College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  • Erickson School of Aging Studies
    • Pass (P) grades will be accepted for major and minor requirements as well as prerequisites
  • School of Social Work
    • The Social Work Program is not accepting Pass (P) grades for any core/required courses, with the exception of the field placement which is always graded using the Pass/Fail grading method. The Pass (P) grade can be used to fulfill prerequisites.
  • Individualized Study
    • Pass (P) grades will be accepted for major requirements and prerequisites
  • Honors College
    • Consistent with UMBC’s Undergraduate Grading Method Options for Spring 2020, students enrolled in HONR 200 or HONR 300 seminars may choose to receive a P/F grade instead of a letter grade; and, if they do so, a P grade will satisfy the requirement that an Honors Seminar must be passed with a B grade or better to count towards the Certificate of General Honors”
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