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The Global Studies program has revised its advising structure. For routine matters over the course of the semester, please follow the guidelines below.

New or Prospective Majors

Students who are new to the major or are interested in learning more about Global Studies and have not taken GLBL 101 – Introduction to Global Studies, please see;

Dr. Rita Turner, FAB 557
Program Associate
Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-11am; 1pm-3:30pm

Transfer Students

Students who have transferred to UMBC, please see;

James Hamilton, FAB 556 
CAHSS Academic Advisor
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1pm-2pm

Current Majors

Course Registration Advising

This is the advising done during the period of course selection for an upcoming semester. At this time, all declared Global Studies majors who have completed GLBL 101 – Introduction to Global Studies have an assigned registration advisor. Please click here to see the list.

Study Abroad

Getting started on your required study abroad experience? See;

Rachel McCloud, FAB 557
Study Abroad Advisor
Wednesday, 1pm-3pm
Thursday, 11:30pm-1:30pm

Registered study abroad students, bring VOT form to;

Mr. Rhyner Washburn, FAB 550
Program Advisor
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 12pm-3pm

Experiential Learning/Graduate School Advising

Look for announcements regarding dedicated GLBL sessions on internships, volunteer opportunities, graduate school, and career planning. Our program works closely with the Career Center and the Shriver Center.

Graduation Degree Audit

Applying for graduation? The Global Studies major is complex due to the multiple tracks, study abroad transcripts, and foreign language requirement. If you have applied to graduate, please make an in-person appointment with our Program Advisor, Mr. Rhyner Washburn.