University Resources

Useful UMBC Resources

Albin O. Kuhn Library: University Library

Career Center: Full-time and Part-Time Employment, Major and Career Exploration, Internships, Resume Crafting.

Financial Aid: Applying or Receiving Aid, Satisfactory Academic Progress and Academic Scholarships

Learning Resources Center: Tutoring Programs and Placement Testing

Office for Undergraduate Education: Academic Policy Enforcement, First Year Programs, Undergraduate Research

Peace Corps Prep: Peace Corps Prep is a 2 year special international development certificate program designed to prepare students for global service.

Study Abroad

The Shriver Center: Service Learning and Volunteer Opportunities
Undergraduate Research: Provides Assistance students in the completion of academic research at the undergraduate level, including opportunities for travel based research, prestigious scholarships and grants, academic conferences

University Counseling Services: Personal and Career Counseling, Skills for Success Workshops