Studying Abroad

Global Studies majors are expected to have a curiosity about the world and a strong interest in cross-cultural academic and life experiences. Studying overseas provides GLBL students with linguistic and cross-cultural skills necessary for their future professional careers and to broaden their perspective on their own society and culture. As part of their B.A. program in Global Studies, majors are required to participate in an in-depth international study experience. The length of this mandatory international study experience can range from one term to one year. Students who choose the one-year option can, if they wish, spend a semester each at two different study sites. GLBL students frequently work on their GLBL language requirement during their study abroad experience.

Global Studies majors are required to work with the UMBC Study Abroad Office (SAO) to arrange their international study plans. Students should bear the following points in mind:

  1. GLBL students must attend a “Study Abroad 101” session at least one semester prior to the term they plan to study abroad;
  2. GLBL students must follow established application deadlines for their study abroad program
    • Fall and academic year programs: March 10
    • Winter faculty-led programs: October 10
    • Spring programs: October 10
    • Summer faculty-led programs: February 10
  3. Federal financial aid is portable to an approved semester-length study abroad program;
  4. All Maryland state aid is portable to approved semester-length study abroad programs administered by University System of Maryland institutions, including: UMBC, Frostburg State University, Salisbury University, Towson University, and UMCP;
  5. Tuition waivers are applicable only for eligible semester-length bilateral tuition exchange programs; UMBC faculty-led summer and winter courses also have tuition waivers, although there is a program fee, in addition to travel and room costs.
  6. All UMBC merit scholarships are portable at the dollar amount given at UMBC for one semester only at any approved semester-length program;
  7. Students with high financial need are expected to apply for all applicable study abroad scholarships, in consultation with the SAO staff and website;
  8. Global Studies and the SAO will advise GLBL majors on academic matters related to their UMBC-sponsored study abroad programs. Course transfer for other majors is available with prior written approval of appropriate departmental advisors, as per standard SAO and Registrar’s Office policies;
  9. The study abroad requirement is not waived for students with multiple majors. Students should consider the requirement early in their academic careers, discussing with appropriate academic advisers the best timing for their study abroad experience.
  10. Veterans who want to study abroad using the GI Bill, click here.
Global Studies does not consider the following to be approved study abroad experiences:
  • Spring break programs;
  • Free-standing internship or service-learning programs that are separate from an approved semester-length study-abroad program;
  • International tourism;
  • Family visits outside of the United States;
  • Non-credit bearing service projects or mission trips.