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Deadlines for Students Studying Abroad Summer/Fall 2018

Planning to study abroad? Ensure you meet your deadlines!

January 24, 2018 11:28 AM

Summer, Fall, and Academic Year 2018-19 Study Abroad Application Deadlines

Summer UMBC Faculty-Led Programs: February 15, 2018

Fall and Academic Year UMBC Exchanges and Direct/Affiliate Programs: March 10, 2018

All Students Wishing to attend an ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) Exchange, please note there is a multi-stage application process involved in attending one of these programs. Please contact a study abroad advisor if you have questions or are interested in applying to ISEP.

For additional information about the study abroad process, please  feel free to attend a Study Abroad 101 Session in the Administration Building, Room 218  Monday 12-1PM or Thursday 3-4PM any week during the school year or visit

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