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Tier II Elective, No Prerequisites!

December 10, 2020 3:11 PM

If you haven't yet registered for Spring 2021 or are looking to add another course, consider GLBL 460!! 

This class is an introductory course to 
community-engaged research through digital storytelling. We will explore the main concepts and methods of creating and analyzing global stories, mainly through audiovisual production. We will look critically at the processes of storytelling and community-engaged research, and the connections between local and global contexts of production and consumption of these stories


The course will be organized in three simultaneous tracks: reading, viewing and doing. Students will develop a semester long E-Portfolio and use VoiceThread to complement their digital literacy and writing abilities, while audiovisual cultural productions and readings will strengthen their close reading and critical skills. The goal is to embrace our potential as producers of knowledge.

This course will meet online TTH 11.30-12.45
It will count as a GLBL Upper Level Tier Two Elective and has no prerequisites! 

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