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Still need to register for Fall? Need Tier 2 GLBL Electives?

GLBL 409: Global Ethnographies is open for registration!

Special Topics in Global Studies, GLBL 409-01: Global Ethnographies with Dr. Brown will meet Upper Level & Tier Two Global Studies Elective Credit,  AND has seats available for Fall 2021! 

Course Description:
Theories of globalization have come to dominate our understanding of contemporary world affairs. Yet, amidst attempts to conceptualize all-encompassing global forces, it is all too easy to overlook the human dimensions of globalization. In this seminar-style course we will consider the role of ethnography in exploring how complex global processes shape the lives, livelihoods and outlooks of real people and communities. Drawing on several cutting-edge ethnographic studies that explore themes of culture, gender, politics, ecology, and migration, we will develop an ethnographic perspective that locates globalization not only in abstract conceptual space, but in the everyday realities of lived experience.

NOTE: This course will be delivered via the WEB, but will feature synchronous online class meetings. The course instructor will specify whether it will meet for the full period at all times and on all days or if it will be variable.

Please contact Dr. Brown (cmbrown@umbc.edu) with any questions you may have about this class

Register today or contact Grace Castle (castl@umbc.edu) to receive registration clearance! 

Posted: June 11, 2021, 11:08 AM