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International Affairs

Please read the ‘Curriculum and Tracks’ section before reading this track description.

International Affairs explores the interaction of sovereign states and the role of governments and non-governmental transnational actors in a rapidly globalizing international system.  Course offerings in this track focus on diplomacy and diplomatic history; U.S. and comparative foreign policy; comparative studies of nations and political systems; international trade, monetary, and financial affairs; international law; human rights; international organizations; and global security issues.

The track builds upon the traditional “international-relations” emphasis on states, markets, security, and political economy, while significantly broadening that focus to encompass non-state, transnational actors like multinational corporations, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, socio-political movements, individuals, and terrorist networks.  The central purpose of the International Affairs track is to explore the dynamics, consequences, and implications of globalization on states and transnational actors in the 21st century.

Students in this track must complete GLBL 101 Introduction to Global Studies, GLBL 301 Approaches to Globalization, and four gateway courses. The gateway courses are listed in the Curriculum and Tracks section.

Students must also complete six Track III approved electives which can be found in the Course Index.  Five of the six courses must be at the 300-400 level.


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