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Human history has always involved the flow of people and ideas; different eras are defined by human creations and innovations. We live in an interdependent and fast-changing world. Twenty-first century communications technology is the engine of transformation that has created a global commons and is redefining the workplace.

The Global Studies Program combines interdisciplinary coursework, foreign languages, and study abroad to facilitate broad inquiry into the ecological, economic, cultural, ideological, and political issues of our day. Tracing the roots of these phenomena across time and place, GLBL students study and research global phenomena. Our undergraduate majors travel the world to study languages and cultures, on campus they study the global-local nexus and work on many projects, including the cultivation of urban green spaces and the resettlement of refugee families in Baltimore.

The Global Studies Program at UMBC is answering the call for college graduates with global competence. The first graduates of this program that began in 2013 are busy at work in a variety of settings from Washington, DC to Santiago, Chile. They work as risk analysts for corporations such as Morgan Stanley, and provide program support at the United Nations. They are cyber security analysts for the US government and NGO staff at the World Relief Organization and the Fund for Peace. Others are teaching English as a second language or studying at law schools and in master’s and doctoral programs in fields as diverse as finance economics and cultural anthropology. Join our Global Studies community at UMBC and join the 21st Century global workplace!